No doubt, I am in a small town, Nikko.

Nikko is a small town, speically in winter, just a few visitors will come here, so you will feel one thing: where are the people?

In winter, the day is short. it is 4:00 PM but like 6:00 PM. Then it is 5:30, all of the shops are closed, even restaurants. Mom said: what poor people they are who live here, what can they do in evening? I think my mom is living near by the Pacific, too.

I think we are lucky, we have a sunny day. But a little chilly. It is amazing when I feel the snow, even just 3 drops, ha!

The TV can't work in our room, the shops are closed. It is 8:30 PM now, but we don't know what can we do. Mom is sleeping, and I, just like you know, am boring, so write BLOG in Nikko! "Slowly", it is too fit my topic of this travel. It is impossible if I hope a "rush" travel!

I found this PC can type Chinese in JU-IN, unfortunate, I type Chinese in Chun-je.

Ok, I want to go shopping now, in PCHOME or Yahoo by Internet!

Have a nice weekend!


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